Never Ending Face Problem of Indonesia’s Palm Oil

This is my English version of my article “Bagi Industri Sawit, Badai Belum Berlalu” that published in Watyutink Media Online.

After the winning of Indonesia’s lawsuit against EU policy in the imposition of Anti Dumping Import Duty on Indonesian biodiesel products in World Trade Organization (WTO), there are still obstacles to our palm oil.

The Anti Dumping Import Duty policy was applied by to Indonesia’s palm oil (biodiesel) about 8.8 percent-23.3 percent started from 2013. As a result, Indonesia’s exports of biodiesel to the EU decreased by 42, 84 percent, from 649 million dollars to 150 million dollars in 2016. The value of biodiesel exports fell the most in 2015, amounting?? to only 68 million US dollars.

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